Career in FIFAA

We value all our employees highly!
To help with their personal development, there are a number of training programs (both internal and external) for our employees. We want to help our people to grow and evolve during their careers and we are constantly looking for new talents within our organisation that are eager to take next steps and new challenges that also elevate our company. One benefit of a larger company and multi level structure is that there are always opportunities within.

Fifaa is a strong proponent of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, to further motivate our team, Fifaa helps cover the cost of its employees sports activities and there are several sporting events that we offer participation free of charge. We also take part in many of these events as a team - promoting team spirit and our values.

The well-being of our team is important both at and outside the workplace and for this reason we always think of our employees’ families as well. Every parent with a child starting a school year in grades 1-4th gets the 1st of September off!

Company events

Compny events at Fifaa have become a tradition: summer outings, sports events, Christmas parties, team events, company anniversaries. At the office, we celebrate birthdays and national holidays. Check out the emotions on social media: #Fifaa25 #fifaaonthebeach