Benefits of working with us!

Our biggest value is our people! Besides a stable and secure job, we as employers want to offer our employees even more benefits and discounts, so that our employees would feel valued. Together we acknowledge and celebrate both bigger and smaller achievements, anniversaries and we highly appreciate employees with long service. We consistently contribute to our employees through training and mentoring. We value our employees input to the company and ensure them equal opportunities to pursue and further their careers.

  • We support healthy and sporty lifestyle;
  • We acknowledge our employees with long service to the company. Every anniversary is celebrated with the whole team! Employees with 5; 10; 15; 20 and 25 years of contribution to the company receive a bonus equal to 0,5 to 4 times of their salary;
  • We value families! Employees’ children and their parents have an exiting Christmas crafting-educational event and/or receive a Christmas gift;
  • When an employee gets married they get a day off with average wage to fully enjoy this magic moment;
  • 1st of September is a day off from work for every employee whose child is going to first grade;
  • Once a year we hold a ceremonial gala where the best employees get acknowledgement and during summer we have a festive party with all our company employees to celebrate our values and bring people closer together;
  • We offer flexible working hours;
  • As a big company we offer our greatest employees a chance to grow and develop inside the company;
  • We support our employees growth by offering different trainings;
  • The best employees get a chance to test themselves as trainers/mentors;
  • We offer in-house discounts to all our employees

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Company events

Company events at Fifaa have become a tradition: summer outings, sports events, Christmas parties, team events, company anniversaries. At the office, we celebrate birthdays and national holidays. Check out the emotions on social media: #teamfifaa #Fifaa25 #fifaaonthebeach

In order to celebrate River Island brand 5 year anniversary on Baltic market, we decided to include our own long-time team members in the spring collection photoshoot. Campaign was called “We Are Family”

In order to celebrate FIFAA Group 25 years, all the employees were invited to a sepcial dinner in the penthouse restaurant of Saku Arena during annual Estonian Music Awards show.

Marsten 20

Men's Day

Women's Day