Charity and corporate responsibility

In FIFAA we find it important to contribute into social and charitable organizations. Supporting the cancer treatment foundation "The Gift of Life" and the charity program "Notice and Help” are two organisations that in our mind are focused on objectives that we are also passionate about - helping those in the need of help.

An initiative called PAI was started to thank and show our appreciation to the nurses and caregivers and it has already gathered more than 500 000 euros. Fifaa together with Sportland ja Jalajälg also showed their big and heartfelt gratitude by contributing 20 000 euros to the initiative. The purpose of PAI is to provide all Estonian nurses and caregivers with PAI card, which they can use in tourism industry and entertainment and culture sector. With this kind of card they can go and have some rest and unwind from all the hard work they have been doing for all of us. A big thanks to all of our amazing and sweet nurses and caregivers!