Our Values


Our people are specialists in their field who value self-development and education highly. They have good communication skills and can find a way to relate and communicate with different types of people. They are with bold ideas, look for solutions in every situation, and are not afraid to take responsibility.

Keywords to describe our people are:

#self-realization, #development, #competence, #trustworthyness, #honesty, #empathetic #bold ideas, #openness, #responsibility



We strive to provide a stable and safe working environment that favors positivity and openness. We are diverse and people-oriented, taking equal treatment of our people, customers, and partners for granted. FIFAA is an inclusive and rapidly developing company that favors innovation.

Keywords to describe our organization is:

#stability, #security, #positivity, #openness #diversity, #equaltreatment #innovation, #development, #inclusion, #transparency



The environment we are operating in is essential to us. Because of this, we find ways to be more and more sustainable over time, to spread “green thinking” and a sustainable approach, both internally and externally. The environment is our responsibility. Therefore, we contribute to community development, health, and charity.

Keywords to describe the approach to the environment:

#sustainability, #promotingagreenmindset, #charity, #community, #sportsmanship/athleticism

FIFAA group is diversified, operating on several markets and business areas. But our core values are the same in all divisions and subsidiaries. In the center there is always a person - our employees and our customers. Our employees are our family and customers are closest friends.

Deliver WOW-effect through service
Be creative and strive for innovation
Build open and honest relationships
Value the team and family spirit
Focus on solutions for customers
Leave a mark on memories not on nature

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There are several organisations that we sponsor and collaborate with. Here is some examples of these