1993 – Company was founded. First major projects were completed
1995 – Screen-printing service was launched
1999 – Embroidery service was added
2000 – First T-Shirt Store (T-Särgipood) was opened in Kristiine Mall, Tallinn
2001 – T-Shirt Store (T-Idejos) was opened in Lithuania, Vilnius Akropolis SC

Vilnius, Akropolis 2001

2003 – First T-Shirt Store (T-Bode) was opened in Latvia, Olympia SC

Riia, Olympia 2003

2003 – Promo wear and gifts subsidiary was started in Latvia
2005 – Skechers distribution rights were acquired and first pair was sold.
2007 – Skechers Retail was started with concept store in Akropolis Kaunas
2008 – Skechers retail store opened in Finland, Kamppi SC

Helsinki, Kamppi 2007

2014 – First Skechers Store in Latvia
2015 - majority shares of basketball specialty webstore Goons were acquired and later re-branded as Ballzy. Also in 2015 first Ballzy store was opened in Finland
2016 – First Ballzy store was opened in Latvia

Ballzy, Riga 2016

2016 – 100% of Marsten Marketing Shares were bought
2016 - Dune London franchise retail business with two stores was acquired, followed by Parfois franchise with 5 stores few months later. British Fashion brand River Island was acquired 01.07.2016 with two stores in Estonia.
2017 - FIFAA was awarded by business newspaper “Äripäev” as Gazelle Company – an award that is given to fast growing and profitable companies.
2018 – Fan merchandise webstore “Team Spirit” was launched
2019 - Opened 4 stores in Akropolis Riga shopping center (River Island, Skechers, Parfois, T-Shirt Store)

River Island, Riga 2019

2019 - Return to Lithuanian market, opened Skechers store in Klaipeda Akropolis shopping center

Skechers, Lithuania 2019

2019 - First Vans brand store in Baltics was opened in Alfa Mall in 2019

Vans, Riga 2019

2019 - Opening Ballzy Sneaker in Ülemiste Center

Ballzy, Ülemiste 2019

2020 - Ballzy Sneaker concept entering Latvia - fist store in Akropole Riga

Ballzy, Riga Akropole 2020

2020 - Expanding Skechers locations - New store in Origo Center and Spice SC in Riga. Introduction of DeFacto concept - first store opened in Ülemiste SC Tallinn. At the same time due to global crisis closing of Parfois and River Island concepts.

2022 - Start of our sustainability journey - First ESG report and data gathering with a strategy to neutralise our impact on environment.

Ballzy, Riga Akropole 2022

2022 - Ballzy Akropole Riga - 250m2 concept store called FastFoot, our biggest store so far.

Skechers, Ülemiste 2022

2022 - Renovation of Skechers Ülemiste - flagship store was expanded to 200m2 and brings latest Skechers concept to Tallinn. With that has enlarged offering of apparel and accessories.